Dear Valued Customer

We want to thank-you for choosing Swad Auto Transporters, Inc. for your auto transporting needs this season. The following TIPS FOR TRANSPORT have been written with you in mind to help answer the most commonly asked questions regarding transport. After reading the following information, should you have any other question not covered in this material please feel free to contact our office so that we may better serve you. 

Sincerely, Kevin and Annette Swad

About Your Contract. It is very important that you read both sides of your contract thoroughly. Any question regarding the contract should be answered prior to signing the contract. Check to be sure your reservation dates, pick up and delivery information, vehicle information etc, are noted correctly. Any changes to the contract should be made immediately. A new contract noting the changes will be sent to you as quickly as possible. 

About  Your Bill of Lading. The Uniform Straight Bill of Lading is the document which allows us to carry your car from state to state. This form will be used at the time of pickup and delivery and it will be the governing documentation regulating the transport of your car. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. At the time we pick up your vehicle, we will make a thorough physical inspection of the exterior of your car. Any and all visible markings noted will be documented on the Bill of Lading. PLEASE REVIEW ANY MARKINGS NOTED ON THE BILL OF LADING PRIOR TO RELEASING YOUR CAR TO THE DRIVER. Any questions regarding your inspection should be directed to the driver. In addition, ANY CLAIM FOR TRANSPORT DAMAGE MUST BE NOTED AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY.

Insurance Coverage. As an ICC Carrier, we carry the necessary insurance as required by law. A copy of our Certificate of Insurance can be obtained upon request. The cargo portion of our coverage is solely for physical damage that might occur in transit, not for mechanical malfunctions that could arise during transport. According to the Uniform Straight Bill of Lading, each vehicle is insured up to $33,000.00. In the event of a total loss, your vehicle would only be insured for this amount. If the value of your vehicle exceeds this amount, it should be co-insured with your insurance company. All claims are subject to a $250.00 deductible.

Reservation Time: As you probably know, we book our seasonal reservations several months in advance. We book only that which we can accommodate on our car carriers (WE ARE NOT BROKERS), and for this reason, our dates book up very quickly. We suggest you contact us prior to the airlines for date availability. It is a good idea to plan ahead and book early in order to get the dates you desire. Once you make a reservation with our office, we will mail/email you a Contract for Transport which you must read, sign and mail/email back to us along with a $250.00 deposit. Any changes or cancellations to your reservation must be made 20 days prior to your transport date in order to transfer your deposit or receive  a refund. If you make any changes after the allowed time period, you will forfeit your deposit and/or it will not be transferable to another date.