Pre-Ship Checklists

Auto Transport Check lists


As you prepare your vehicle for transport, please take a moment to review the PRE-SHIP CHECKLIST below and the important shipping guidelines.

  • 1. Vehicle must be in good operating  condition with no fluid leaks.
  • 2. Vehicle must be clean for proper inspection.
  • 3. Please limit fuel to ¼ tank if possible.
  • 4. All alarm systems must be disconnected, disabled, or turned off.
  • 5. One set of all keys for the vehicle must be provided, including alarm remote. No valet keys, please.

All personal items are shipped at your own risks !

If you are shipping any personal items in the vehicle, NO MORE THAN 100lbs is permitted !


If shipping an SUV or Station Wagon, any personal items must be positioned:

BEHIND the furthest rear seat.NOTHING allowed in 2nd & 3rd row, do not fold down 2nd or 3rd row seats. EVERYTHING must be BELOW the window line and within the 100lb limit.

More helpful information for safe transport of your vehicle.

Do not ship medications, valuables, important or time-sensitive documents, perishable items, plants, jewelry, electronic equipment, cell phone, firearms, alcohol, hazardous materials, etc. 
Remove completely any electronic toll devices (SunPass, EZPass, etc,).   SWAD will not be responsible for any subsequent charges. DO NOT LEAVE IT IN YOUR CAR.  Electronic toll readers can still pick it up a signal if left in you console or glove box.
Please notify SWAD if your vehicle has been lowered, raised or modified in any way prior shipment.


nce with the above shipping guidelines. Your cooperation will help make this transport a successful one!

Pick-up & Delivery

Auto Transport Loading and Unloading

What is Door-To-Door Service? If you live in Dade, Broward or Palm Beach County, we will pick up or deliver your car at your door by one of our flatbed trucks. The exception to this rule is if you live in a secured development that does not allow a flatbed truck in the gate. In this case, we will park outside of the development and meet you with your car. If you live outside of the above counties, we will pick up or deliver your car directly by one of our large car carriers. Please keep in mind that our tractor trailers are 75 feet long and approximately 14 feet in height and weighing 80,000lbs. Therefore, when we say we will pick up or deliver your car at your door with one of our car carriers, we mean that we will make every effort to get as close to your door with our tractor trailer as possible. In order to maneuver the equipment, it is oftentimes necessary to meet you at the closest shopping area. Your cooperation in making this connection is greatly appreciated. To All New York Customers. If you live in one of the five boroughs of New York, your car will be picked up and delivered by an outside flatbed service. We do not send our tractor trailers into the city or Long Island due to the time element and rough roads. If your car is being picked up by the flatbed service, it will be taken to their compound where our tractor trailer will load it and bring it to Florida or wherever its final destination may be.

What is Door-To-Terminal Service? We are pleased to offer this convenient "Door-To-Terminal" service. Any time you use one of our terminals it is a great savings to our customers, anywhere from $25 up to $100. If you are flying to and from the Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport we are conveniently located just 5 miles west of the airport off I-595 and 441.

Anticipated Pick-up and Delivery Schedules. If you are transporting northbound from Florida in Dade, Broward or Palm Beach County, we can give you an exact date for pick up. Once you have a scheduled date for pick up, we will contact you the day before to let you know whether it will be a morning or afternoon pick up. Once your car has been picked up, please estimate 3 to 6 days on delivery from the transport date noted in your contract. We will attempt to contact you at least 12-24 hours in advance prior to making a delivery. If you live outside of the above-named counties and/or are transporting southbound, we must have a 2 - 3 day window of availability in order for our car carriers to meet a specific time schedule. 

Preparing Your Vehicle

Prepare your vehicle for auto transport

Preparing Your Car. Before our car carriers are permitted to go anywhere, they are required by the DOT to do a daily "Pre-Trip Inspection" of the equipment. 

We strongly suggest that you also do a "Pre-Trip Inspection" of your car. In preparing for any trip, it is important to check items such as tire pressure, oil and water levels, other fluid levels, etc. "This Pre-Trip Inspection" could help in avoiding unnecessary problems down the road, not to mention that it is a good idea to be familiar with your car. Loose moldings and the like have a tendency to fly off in transit, thus causing possible damage to your vehicle or to others on the same load. Leaking fluids can also be a detriment to the welfare of your car and/or the car below it. 

Please have any and all repairs done before transport. Vehicles that become inoperable in transit are subject to an inoperable charge up to $200.00. It would be helpful for us if you have no more than 1/4 tank of gas in your vehicle at time of transport for weight reasons. 

Packing Your Vehicle

too over loaded for a car carrier

This is probably the most asked question in the business.... "Can I pack my car?" As you know, we are a fully licensed, bonded and insured ICC common carrier (License # ICC MC 222317). WE ARE NOT A  HOUSEHOLD GOODS CARRIER. This means that although we permit some things to be packed in your car, we ARE NOT responsible for them. Our insurance coverage is solely for your automobile, NOT THE PERSONAL CONTENTS IN THE CAR. Should you desire coverage for the personal items you are packing, we recommend that you contact your homeowner's insurance agent for more details. 

As an ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission) regulated business, we have certain guidelines and restrictions which are imposed by the ICC and DOT (Department of Transportation) as we travel from state to state through the scales. We are only permitted to be so many pounds per axle weight on our equipment and many "snowbirds" are accustomed to packing a little too much. Overweight equipment due to overloaded vehicles cause us delays and fines. UNDERCARRIAGE DAMAGE TO YOUR VEHICLE IS AT A GREATER RISK WHEN YOUR VEHICLE IS OVERLOADED. Please keep your personal items confined to the trunk and limited in weight to 100 pounds (approximately 1 or 2 large suitcases). Some lightweight items such as pillows, blankets, etc. are acceptable in the back seat of the car. Please use discretion in what you are packing. We cannot be responsible for loose items that may tend to shift in transport and cause damage to the interior of your automobile. DO NO PACK MEDICINES, PERISHABLE ITEMS, PLANTS, IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS, ELECTRONIC DEVICES, IMPORTANT PARTY CLOTHES, JEWELRY, VALUABLES, ETC. in the event of a delay beyond our control.